- Freestyle -

Swish, smear and splatter to your heart’s content with our art jamming sessions!

Come pick up a new skill. Make your weekends fun and interesting. And no matter if you’re an amateur or advanced artist, you can just have fun painting-at-your-own pace in a non-judgmental and creative environment!

You can also choose from a non-guided or guided session with our talented art facilitators to assist you in getting started.

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- Guided by instructors -

Join our Workshop Sessions to discover what fun art is all about!

Invite your friends and spouses for a fun time of creativity! Escape the stress-filled day and relax in our casual, colorful and positive atmosphere. Spend some quality time with your friends or spouses and let our experienced and enthusiastic instructors help you create your own personal masterpiece!

A family that bonds is a family that stays united!

If you are looking for a fun family activity where you can spend quality time and strengthen relationships, then look no further. At Artime, you can bond over art and create a lifetime of memories!

Create your own painting or portrait that best describes you as a family! Come share your painting experiences. Merge ideas. Be passionate. Explore your interests and creativity! And most of all, have fun while you’re at it!

Foster unity, trust and strong bonds among your team with our corporate team bonding session at Artime!

Our session allows your team to work together in transforming a shared vision into a piece of art, encouraging them to tell their stories about their business. This is a great way for your team to not only de-stress but to also stretch out of their comfort zone and experiment with their own levels of creativity.

Have A Special One

If you’re thinking of doing something different for a birthday celebration, then look no further. At Artime, we love cherishing precious moments by customizing your own Art Party just the way you like it!

If you’d like us to plan a special painting session for you, then tell us and we’ll organize a fun painting idea or theme just right for you!

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